Some of the hot springs bubble directly by the sea.

Although the relatively small Air Malta flies from German airports almost exclusively to Luga in Malta, it makes it to sixth place on the list: overall rating 2.1 from 55 reader reviews. The renowned Swiss International Air is also represented, in seventh place with an average of 2.1 in 91 ratings

German airlines at the end of the ranking

The best German airline on the list is in eighth place, and surprisingly, it is neither industry leader Lufthansa nor Air Berlin. Hamburg International flies to only a few sunny destinations in the Canary Islands and the Mediterranean. But 89 readers were so satisfied with the airline that they got an overall rating of 2.2. In ninth place you can finally find the largest German airline Lufthansa, with an overall grade of 2.3. Despite the rather poor placement of Lufthansa, readers seem to use it extensively. More than 1128 Lufthansa flights have been evaluated so far. Only the bottom of the top ten, Air Berlin, managed more. With 2077 ratings, the airline still has a respectable average grade of 2.4.

Low-cost airlines used a lot, but not always rated well

Our readers rated at least 400 flights each with the low-cost airlines Condor, Tuifly, Ryanair, LTU and Germanwings, which are apparently frequently used. However, it was not enough for any of the companies to make it into the top ten, with overall marks between 2.5 and 3.0.

The airline ratings from

With the airline reviews from readers can reveal an unadorned and personal picture of their flight experience. Only a single flight is rated. The reader can assign school grades for the categories of seating comfort, service, food and drinks, entertainment and (perceived) security. A comment field leaves space for comments. The reviews are editorially checked and then activated. Nevertheless, the ratings are of course strongly influenced by subjective impressions, so that meaningful average ratings for an airline only require a certain number of ratings. So far, more than 11,000 reviews have been submitted.

Japan: water gets too hot "knocked cold" (Photo: JNTO)The Japanese bathing culture looks back on a centuries-old tradition. Over 3000 so-called onsen ensure plenty of bathing fun. These natural warm water baths, fed by hot springs, are mostly located in charming surroundings: in the middle of the forest, by a river, by a rushing waterfall, by the sea or at an altitude of 2300 meters. Some of them are even so hot that they can be heated to a colder temperature "knocked down" Need to become.

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Too hot water must first "knocked cold" become

A Japanese folk song says that an onsen can heal anything, except love. And so these hot springs are not only used for relaxation, but also to cure diseases, depending on the composition of the water. Temperatures range from very hot (over 42 degrees), hot and warm to cool (below 25 degrees). Certainly not the healthiest, but the “hottest” bathing pleasure is offered by the spring of Kusatu. Because of the extremely high temperatures (over 60 degrees), the water is first “knocked cold” for half an hour by staff with large wooden paddles to about 47 degrees before the brave can dive in, and after exactly three minutes they can leave the pool again .

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Simple guest houses with Japanese gardens and baths

The usual accommodation options in the country are the ryokan. The origins of the ryokan go back to the 10th century when they offered pilgrims, merchants and migrant workers a place to sleep. Nowadays, these “guest houses” are characterized by excellent food, elegant Japanese gardens, beautiful baths, bathing landscapes partly filled with hot spring water, and, last but not least, excellent service. For the western visitor, the room furnishings appear quite simple: thick tatami (rice straw) mats lie on the floors; low lacquered tables with seat cushions are often the only pieces of furniture; the beds are kept in a closet, and a so-called scroll painting hangs only in a niche in the room. There may be a flower arrangement (ikebana) underneath. In the evening the mattresses (futons) are spread out on the floor.

Open-air onsen

The recently opened Kaichoro Ryokan in Gunma Prefecture northwest of Tokyo sets new standards. This is where Japanese and Western architecture meet: design inspired by the Zen style combines with the technical comfort of a five-star hotel: high-quality music and sound systems, flat-screen TVs, modern lighting and sliding doors for privacy. Each room has its own closed, thermal water-fed onsen under the open sky. 

Bathing in front of a mountain panorama

The Ryokan Yumoto Hounoya is located in the middle of the Kii Mounntains south of Kyoto, directly on a mountain slope. From here, visitors can enjoy overwhelming views of the magnificent mountain panorama. In spring, when you take a dip in the onsen, your gaze wanders over a sea of ​​cherry blossoms, and in autumn the beautiful color of the leaves is fascinating.

An island full of hot springs

The village of Kurokawa-Onsen on Kyushu Island has a particularly large number of hot springs. Wooden houses, arched bridges and numerous alleys with old lanterns take visitors back over a hundred years. Here the local nobility recovered from their official business a long time ago. The local ryokan are mostly small and have only a few rooms. The small Ryokan Wakaba rises in a particularly impressive location above the small mountain stream that flows through Kurokowa.  

Springs by the sea

The landscape on the island of Yakushima is extremely impressive. 7000-year-old giant trees, overgrown with mosses and creepers, rise in the interior of the island. With its ancient cedar trees, the forest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some of the hot springs bubble directly by the sea. The Ryokan Jomon No Yado Manten, which opened in 2006, pampers its guests with a large outdoor thermal bathing area. 

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The electronic entry permit for the USA is compulsory from January 12th. It replaces the green form that travelers previously had to fill out on the plane or ship. The permit is valid for all citizens from countries such as Germany, Austria or Luxembourg who travel to the USA for up to 90 days without a visa. Important: Even those who are only passing through the USA must apply for a permit.

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In the future, passengers will have to register before their flight to the USA (Photo: dpa) Before they take off, they first have to go online: since January 12, most USA travelers from Germany have to register online with the US authorities. The "Electronic System for Travel Authorization" (ESTA) obliges tourists and business travelers from countries that are exempt from the visa requirement to register via a website.

The online registration form can be found at

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Get approval as early as possible

The electronic approval is only necessary on arrival by plane or ship and must also be applied for by travelers who only stop over in the USA, explains the German Travel Association (DRV) in Berlin. The US authorities recommend submitting the application at least 72 hours before departure. But even last-minute travelers should be able to be recorded via ESTA according to DRV information. The operators of Munich Airport advise about the entry permit "to apply as early as possible".

ESTA is usually valid for two years

In the medium term, electronic registration is intended to replace the green forms that travelers have had to fill out for years. In most cases, the entry permit should be issued within a few seconds and is valid for two years – unless one of the information requested changes.

Data is stored for 15 years

"The reason for ESTA is to simplify travel" said US Consul General Karen E. Johnson at an ESTA presentation in Hamburg on Wednesday, "not an invasion of privacy." The US Department of Homeland Security requests the same data through ESTA that previously had to be entered in the aircraft in the form I-94W. This data would be stored for a total of 15 years. This does not contradict data protection. Be careful with these souvenirs when clicking through

Register online and offline during the transition phase

The green form is not a thing of the past, however. Until the airlines have adjusted to the new system, the ESTA procedure and the paper version must be used temporarily, said Johnson. How long this transition phase will last cannot be foreseen yet. ESTA makes it possible, however, to obtain the basic approval before the start of the journey instead of only when entering the USA as before.

Entry authorization usually takes a few seconds

The Consul General emphasized that it only took a few minutes to fill in. In more than 99.5 percent of cases, travel authorization is granted within a few seconds. Anyone who does not receive an entry permit online has to apply for a visa in a visa department of the US representations in Berlin, Frankfurt or Munich. If you have a machine-readable passport, the ESTA can easily be filled out by other people, such as a family member or a travel agency.

Due to an unusual amount of snow, the Eiffel Tower in Paris has been temporarily closed. The symbol of the French capital had to be closed from Monday to Tuesday afternoon for security reasons, said the operating company SETE. beautiful turkish girls The reason was the snow on the viewing platforms. This could only be brought to melt in the course of Tuesday with a hot air blower. Salt is not spread on the platforms because it could attack the steel structure of the 324 meter high tower. Sand is also out of the question because it would block the mechanics of the elevators.

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Liverpool: Users of voted the Metropolitan Cathedral one of the ugliest buildings (Photo: imago)

Questionable award: A website has chosen the ten ugliest buildings in the world. The biggest building sin is therefore the Boston City Hall in the USA – and eye pain is guaranteed even with some of the closest places.