The big momentum should be picked up in two weeks

Three police officers were slightly injured, the police said afterwards. Via social networks was too one "Walk for fundamental rights" has been called – also on the marketplace.

After the peaceful rally on Wednesday, Operations Manager Hendrik Schlicke said: "At the same time there were some unteachable people in the area who now also have to bear the consequences of their actions. The people repeatedly ignored our requests. You now have to answer for this in an administrative offense procedure." There were 69 women and men. There were 230 police officers on duty.

He left everyone behind – the founder of Amazon was able to further expand his status as the richest person in the world in the past few months. The company boss leaves his opponents far behind. Amazon boss Jeff Bezos has expanded his lead as the richest person in the world. According to a ranking published by the US news agency Bloomberg, the net worth of the 54-year-old is now at 151 billion dollars (129.5 billion euros). In doing so, he left Microsoft founder Bill Gates far behind. Bloomberg puts its fortune at $ 95.3 billion.

Bezos has benefited from the sharp rise in Amazon shares in recent months. As a result, his fortune swelled by around $ 50 billion that year. Bezos holds a stake of around 16 percent in the online retail group he founded two decades ago.

The US magazine "Forbes" had named Bezos as the richest person in the world for the first time last March. The magazine put his wealth at $ 120 billion at the time.

Sources used: AFP

The hunters in Saxony-Anhalt can continue to do their jobs despite the corona pandemic. "We are called to keep hunting", said the managing director of the state hunting association, Wilko Florstedt, in Langenweddingen (district of Börde) with a view to the spreading African swine fever. Among other things, animals infected with the disease have already been discovered in the neighboring states of Brandenburg and Saxony. So far there has not been a case in Saxony-Anhalt. As the country’s Ministry of Environment stated on its website, hunters should pay more attention to dead game and send samples to the responsible veterinary medicine.

According to the State Hunting Association, more wild boars were shot last season. Accordingly, there were more than 46,000 wild boars from spring 2019 to spring 2020. In the previous season, around 38,000 animals were shot. A decline in the number is not to be expected in the near future, said Florstedt.

A cyclist had a fatal accident on a street near Dresden on Saturday. In order to clarify the identity of the 60 to 70-year-old and what happened to the accident, the police asked for evidence from Sunday. Accordingly, the approximately 1.70 meter tall man was on a racing bike from GDR production between Jessen and Birkwitz-Pratzschwitz (district of Saxon Switzerland) – in sweatpants and a training jacket, but with leather slippers. For unknown reasons, he fell shortly before the junction to Graupa and died at the scene of the accident.

With persistent heat and drought, the risk of forest fires in Saxony increases. On Sunday, the highest warning level 5 also applied in the district of Meißen, as has been the case since Saturday in the district of North Saxony and the southwest of the district of Leipzig. In the rest of it, most of the districts of Bautzen, Görlitz, central Saxony, Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Ore Mountains and the Vogtland district as well as the district of Zwickau, the second highest alert level applies according to the danger map of the Sachsenforst state enterprise. And the situation has also worsened in the mountains and in the extreme south of the Free State. The experts do not expect a slight relaxation until Monday – except for the regions in the northwest.argumentative essay on doping in sports

Saxony’s Interior Minister Roland Wöller (CDU) sees a new quality achieved after attacks on police officers during Corona protests in Pirna. Be in Pirna "For the first time a larger, closed group of violent hooligans became violent"he said on Thursday during the government’s video briefing on the situation in the Free State. That is an indication that it is very targeted "Constitutional enemies, extremists and right-wing extremists" used legitimate protests to achieve their goals: "That’s why we have to look carefully."

But that could not be the sole task of the police. Assembly authorities, organizers and ultimately every participant in the assembly are also on board here. Violence has nothing to do with legitimate protest. The police will take action.

A police officer was slightly injured in an unauthorized corona demonstration in Pirna on Wednesday evening. According to the police, around 200 people had gathered for a so-called walk in the market. The police identified 30 violent perpetrators.

According to Wöller, the identity of those affected was established. Eight criminal proceedings would be conducted, among other things for breach of the peace and assault on law enforcement officers. The police did "clear, consistent and measured" responds. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution also fulfills its task in the case of Pirna. One will carefully watch how the happenings there go on.

The water supply from Saxon reservoirs is secured despite the drought this year. Most of the facilities are currently well filled. "However, we assume that if the drought and high temperatures persist, the fill levels will continue to decrease in the summer months", said Karin Schöne, spokeswoman for the state dam administration, at the request of the German press agency. "We are now in the third dry year in Saxony. This means that both precipitation and inflows to the dams are in some cases well below the respective long-term monthly mean values."

While in the winter of 2018/2019 the dams were practically completely filled due to the precipitation, this year it is almost "fancy" Winters started the year with a significant water deficit. "Most of the drinking water reservoirs were not able to fill up until the month of February, with its heavy rainfall"explained Schöne. Since then, the levels of the tributaries to the dams have been low.

"Although the precipitation in May and June was in the range of the long-term mean, on average only about half of it reached the drinking water reservoirs as an inflow. The remaining amounts of rain seeped away, evaporated or were used by the vegetation. But there are regional differences.

According to the state dam administration, the fill level of most of the 23 Saxon dams is currently over 90 percent. The largest dam in Eibenstock, with around 65 million cubic meters of water (storage target), is 99.5 percent full and is therefore at the top.

Incident at Brisbane International Airport: A man armed with a knife is said to have tried to stab his ex-wife. The flight operations were discontinued.

According to media reports, the police shot a man at the airport in the east Australian city of Brisbane after threatening with a knife and an alleged bomb. The newspaper "The Courier Mail" reports online that the man walked into the departure area with a metal box with wires peeking out and said it was a bomb. According to eyewitnesses, he also tried to stab his ex-wife.

Australia celebrates "Trolleyman": Passer-by wants to stop knife bombers with shopping carts

Queensland State Police said a man has been arrested. No one was injured by the police officers or passers-by. She also confirmed that the airport has been evacuated. The airport said it hoped to return to normal operations as soon as possible. Videos on Twitter showed people running away from the terminal area.

Sources used: dpa news agency

A man was attacked and killed by a shark on Saturday off the coast of Maui, the second largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago. 

The 65-year-old man, from California, USA, is said to have been attacked about 55 meters from the coast while swimming on the west coast of Mauui in Ka’anapali Beach Park, local media reported.

With a helicopter and a jet ski, the victim was located and brought to the coast. Resuscitation attempts were unsuccessful, the man is said to have died on site.

What kind of shark the attacker was could not be recognized by eyewitnesses. The beach was temporarily closed by the authorities, it said.

The last time a fatal shark attack was reported in Hawaii almost four years ago.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Saxony’s shepherds could sell fewer lambs for Easter than in previous years because of the corona crisis. "This is a big topic for us right now"said the chairman of the Saxon Sheep and Goat Breeding Association, Detlef Rohrmann. The restaurants that traditionally bring lamb to the table during Easter are currently closed. "We have great difficulties in putting down our lambs", says Rohrmann, who is a shepherd himself and keeps around 600 ewes with hundreds of lambs in Pirna-Liebethal.

Most animals are not sold directly, but go to wholesalers – among others in large slaughterhouses in Hesse or Brandenburg. The wholesalers also complained about lower purchase quantities, said Rohrmann. The shepherds therefore threaten that they will sit on their lambs – or that they will only get rid of them gradually over the next few weeks. "For a bad price", fears Rohrmann. Because the lambs born at Christmas time, which are now called "Easter lambs" come on the table, are now ready for slaughter, weighing around 45 kilograms. "We can’t starve them down again. The animals keep growing, the meat is then no longer of such high quality"said Rohrmann.

The shepherd has already sold some lambs. "The big momentum should be picked up in two weeks. What will happen until then – I have no idea", says Rohrmann. Last year the sheep farmers had to struggle with lower sales because the market with cheap lamb from England and Ireland "literally flooded" according to Rohrmann.

Shepherd Lothar Lippert from Striesa (Northern Saxony district) sells his animals exclusively to dealers. He was lucky: he had already been able to sell most of the animals born around Christmas. What happens to the lambs that are now born is still unclear. The breeder keeps around 450 ewes, at the moment it is wedding for births. "Lambs are always being born", said the shepherd.

According to the Ministry of the Environment, the situation of shepherds in Saxony is currently very different – depending on the marketing method. While the purchase of slaughter lambs in the herds is limited and wholesalers’ prices are falling, direct sales are booming. "With direct marketers, the demand sometimes exceeds their own supply", it was said. Butchers who slaughtered themselves also reported an increased demand for Easter lambs that can be cooked at home.

Dorothee von Römer, boss of Gut Neumark in the Vogtland, also registered increased demand in the farm shop. "At the beginning of the week we slaughtered, until the end of the week fresh lamb can be picked up." There is currently a lot of demand for lamb, says von Römer. Nevertheless, many customers are unsure whether they should even come to the farm shop in view of the exit restrictions. "Some think this is forbidden and would rather not come."

According to the State Statistical Office, around 67,000 sheep were kept in around 400 farms with 20 or more sheep in Saxony in 2018.

A Saxon police officer organized a demonstration against restrictions in the Corona crisis in Pirna on Wednesday and now has to answer to his employer. In addition to criminal investigations into a violation of the Assembly Act, a disciplinary investigation has been initiated against the officer, the Dresden Police Department announced on Thursday. In addition, it will be checked whether the police officer is prohibited from conducting official business.

According to the police, the 49-year-old had one on social networks "walk" called on the Pirna market square. At first five people were found on site. After three of them went for a walk, more and more people had joined them. In the end it was around 180. The police then imposed restrictions and requirements. As a result, there were repeated violations.

According to a report by "Saxon newspaper" (Online edition) a colorful mixture gathered on the market square, including entrepreneurs and craftsmen who are well-known in the region, but also heads from the right-wing scene and conspiracy theorists.

Saxony has set up another warehouse for flood protection in Hagenwerder near Görlitz. It should enable supplies from Zittau to Rothenburg on the German-Polish border, the state dam administration announced on Monday. Almost a million sandbags, protective fleece and containers for bulk goods are stored in the warehouse. The Free State of Saxony invested around 1.1 million euros in total.

"The floods in August and September 2010 showed that the flood protection camp in Lohsa was insufficient for the two districts of Bautzen and Görlitz. The transport routes for the requested materials to the affected communities were sometimes very long", it was said. The warehouse in Lohsa could not even come close to meeting the actual need for protective equipment.

After the Oder flood in Brandenburg in 1997, Saxony set up a state reserve for appropriate protective equipment. They are housed in five camps: in Chemnitz, Trebsen (Leipzig district), Radeburg (Meißen district), Lohsa (Bautzen district) and in Hagenwerder. In the event of a disaster, they are manned around the clock. The reserve can be requested from the crisis teams of the districts from alert level 3 if their own stocks are used up.

At the weekend, the Neisse in Görlitz had alarm level 2. On Monday, however, the water level was lower again at alarm level 1.

An 85 year old woman suffered severe burns in Pirna. A police spokesman in Dresden said she was flown to a hospital in a rescue helicopter. The woman probably suffered the serious injuries because her bath water was too hot.