This can be done by taking a sample into your local garden center or store and having them send a soil sample to a lab for analysis. When the results come back, you can then choose the sod best suited to your lawn’s existing soil type. Using the back of your landscaping rake, flatten the soil, taking care to check your level from time to time to ensure you are nearing a flat finish. After adding the topsoil, use the reverse of a landscaping rake and/or a lawn roller to level off the new soil and compact the soil further by watering, adding more soil if need be.

After digging the soil, you should break the big lumps of the soil by using the tip of the shovel. Repeat the process until you turn over the entire plot. You can rent small sized soil movingequipment from a local hardware store if the area to be covered is large.

Watch This Video On How To Topdress Your Lawn With Compost:

Its sturdy build allows it to rake up materials heavier than leaves, such as gravel, and mulch. The Varomorus company has developed a high-quality lawn leveling tool using 304 stainless steel. Use the lawn level to spread loose ground evenly over the surface of your garden where you need to raise the ground level. You can also use this tool to loosen heavy soil or level the grass before mowing. Rakes and cultivating tools move, lift, and gather material or debris in outdoor areas. Agricultural and garden forks are used for cleaning livestock stalls, moving garden mulch, and pitching hay.

A good ratio is one part compost and two parts sand and topsoil for however much total material you will need to reach the desired lawn level. If you are looking to raise the height or level of your lawn with topsoil, add one or two inches of topsoil to the tilled ground and pass over yard leveling rake the ground once more with the tiller. Spread 2-inches of topsoil and till it into the first 2-inches of subsoil. This reduces the potential for future drainage issuesbetween the two layers of soil. Leveling your lawn or yard area refers to making the surface area smooth and bump-free.

Why Level Your Yard?

Because of the snow-melt, the ground is usually extremely soft which can result in new bumps in case of heavy traffic. Avoid level the yard in the winter season when the grass is dormant. Hopefully you can now pick the perfect lawn leveling rake for you and get the perfect garden.

Devils 2021-21 Report Cards: Defensemen – Yardbarker

Devils 2021-21 Report Cards: Defensemen.

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If not, you can easily adjust the grid measurements to fit your own tools. Picking up unwanted fallen fruit under a tree can be a chore, but this tool will make the job much easier on your back. Attach a frog spear head to the end of a broom handle or extension pole. Slightly mashing smaller apples with your foot first makes spearing them a bit easier.

How To Improve A Lumpy Lawn

After learning how to prevent uneven lawns, why it is crucial to keep it tidy, and when you should do it – then you can proceed with the leveling process. Nightcrawlers are big earthworms that can grow up to several inches in size. The problem is that they can reproduce really fast and spread within 25 tons of soil.

This is where the phrase, “rake you over the coals” originated. Rakes were used as a means of getting a confession from those that they considered to be heretics. Rakes are also featured in Medieval Chinese paintings. In fact, the first mention of this tool can be found in China 1100 B.C. During that time, rakes were used to harvest grain and hay and clear the fields of refuse.

After compacting the topdressing mix, you should enjoy a leveled and almost-finished yard. You can use some water in the process to soften up the soil. Be sure not to moist the dirt too much as it may end up coming off after spreading it. A layer of more than ½-inch may eventually prevent grass from growing further, making your whole ground look awful in the short and probably long term. For the smallest holes with little grass, you can pour dressing mix over them, and that would be enough.

8 Zen Garden Ideas for Peace and Relaxation at Home –

8 Zen Garden Ideas for Peace and Relaxation at Home.

Posted: Thu, 20 May 2021 20:36:22 GMT [source]

Rather than adding extra shovel fulls to those areas, make a second lap of spreading. This is just a good practice in ensuring even, breathable amounts of the mix. For medium to large lawns, our favorite method of watering is with the Orbit Impact Sprinkler on a convenient tripod. It won’t penetrate your lawn, but rather sits on top of it to protect your grass, and sprays up to 85 feet in diameter . The spray pattern is adjustable to easily water narrow lawns or a single section, or to a 360-degree pattern for optimal coverage. The spray’s distance radius can be adjusted between 20 and 42 feet.


Walk over your lawn after you’ve rolled it to see if there are still any mounds left. If there are, use a shovel to dig them out since they won’t flatten with a roller. Dig out enough of the mound until it’s level with the rest of your lawn and tamp it down with the back of your shovel. Spread a layer of debris-free topsoil or potting soil into the hole—enough to bring the turf patch level with the surrounding lawn. As you work, water the soil lightly to remove air pockets; this helps to prevent future settling. Eventually, you should see just grass and no dirt .

yard leveling rake

After trying a few ways to get rid of a large ant mound I had, I used a spray, which worked on the first try and didn’t hurt the grass. Most home gardeners usually wonder how to make a lawn leveling rake. It is an understandable gardening approach since a DIY rake saves costs, and you can customize it to your requirements. Theoretically, spreading a layer of compost or sand over your grass may not feel right at first.

Garden Pitchfork

Focus on keeping animals away before fixing the uneven parts. When wild animals and pets start messing up with your lawn, then you’re likely to find pretty ugly bumps and uneven areas as well. Let’s start by explaining how uneven lawns happen. This will give you a better idea of how you can proceed in the future – and how you can fix the yard from its source.

Landscaping Roundup: 18 attachments for raking, leveling, mowing, mulching and more – Equipment World Magazine

Landscaping Roundup: 18 attachments for raking, leveling, mowing, mulching and more.

Posted: Mon, 03 Jul 2017 07:00:00 GMT [source]

If you are using a laser level then it will be easier to know the level of the ground as it will set the level automatically. It will show the level of the ground on the nearby wall or some other object by emitting a laser beam. If there is no wall or any other object to catch laser beams then you can use a laser detector for this purpose.

How To Use A Lawn Leveling Rake?

Its back end is a straight, flat edge perfect for moving small loose material like your topsoil mix. Follow this process by making a pass across the yard with a push broom. The goal here is to move the material around but not to leave it covering the blades of the grass completely. The push broom will help to work the blades free of that material, so the topsoil can fall through to the roots where it can best do its job and so the existing grass can breathe. To level a bumpy lawn, you can rent a garden roller from your local garden supply store and use it to flatten any mounds. Simply water your lawn to loosen the soil, then pull the roller across your lawn in long strips to flatten it.

Before anything is done to correct bumps and unevenness, you must first diagnose why they occurred. Often there is an underlying problem that needs addressing. Removing this cause before correcting the effect is crucial to finding a long term fix.

Lawn Leveling Rake

The severity of the ruts and higher spots in the turfgrass determine which method works bests for getting back a level lawn area. If quickly caught and repaired, most lawn-leveling tasks are relatively basic and only require a minimum of inexpensive supplies and sweat. The project isn’t as labor-intensive when corrected in the beginning stages, as it will be if the entire lawn becomes filled with low areas, ruts and higher spots. This can be a determining factor in how much work you are personally willing to do in correcting the problem, or if you’d prefer to hire someone else to do the lawn-leveling work. The first step in correcting the problem of your uneven lawn is diagnosing what created the problem.

  • You should do lots of research or consult an expert on how to identify and fix the downspout issue.
  • In any case, having the necessary tools will make it much easier for you to make your lawn even and maintain its rich color.
  • When dealing with a larger area of lawn, you’ll probably have to flatten the bumpy lawn and fill in depressions in order to make things as level as possible before the next step.
  • Make lifting heavy loads with your wheelbarrow a little more pleasant by adding these cushioned hand grips.
  • Adding them to the mix creates a fertile environment in which your grass can grow and thrive long term.
  • Make sure it’s flat across the area so all of the holes are filled completely.
  • Sand by itself will harden if it comes into contact with clay soils (making a concrete-like mass that is unsuitable for growing grass) and it has poor water retention .
  • Instead of your hands cramping up from holding onto the handle, when you have a cushioned grip, not only is the handle more comfortable to hold, but it is wider as well.
  • A Yard with perfectly leveled ground not only looks good but also feels great.
  • Digging by people, animals and equipment can also make lawns bumpy, especially if the holes are not evened out after they’re made.

Whenever you go to purchase a lawn leveler, you are likely to be given professional advice on the ideal rake type based on your landscape and the type of grass growing on it. Therefore, you are most likely to buy a tool that suits your height and mowing style. What’s more, you will be able to buy something highly effective and cover a wide area, using less effort.

Rake through the soil with a leaf rake to pick up smaller rocks and straggling pieces of grass, weeds and roots. Leaf rakes have smaller gaps between tines that are able to catch smaller debris. Clean the debris from the tines if the debris gets stuck, otherwise, pick up the raked debris from the ground. The cost for grass seed per pound varies depending on the type of turfgrass and the amount you require. Therefore, it goes to reason that overseeding patchy areas of the lawn versus seeding an entire lawn costs less. Depending on the lawn service you hire and the amount of square feet requiring replanting, cost for the grass seed alone can set you back $500 to $1,500 or more.

yard leveling rake

Rake over the entire yard area with the back side of the bow rake to smooth out the soil, creating a flat, smooth surface for planting. Raking with the bow rake tines and leaf rake level out the soil considerably, but this final pass helps to smooth everything out. It’s easier to blend the repaired area in with the existing lawn. Sometimes, if an area was filled in and the fill isn’t yet compacted, raking alone will do the job. A set of wheels for the rake can help, too, it allows you to control the amount of ground contact the tines have.

I currently do not have one but it’s on my wishlist. I recommend Riviera over celebration but of course its a seeded variety and it depends on your location. Here its ranked well above tifway and celebration in the Ntep trials. It greens up faster and stays green longer into cooler weather. If I had better access I would like try out latitude 36 which ranked #1 for our area here in Northwest Arkansas. But for all you out there on the fence about a grass type or specific cultivar go to and choose your location to see a listing of how those grass types rank.

This will even up any lower areas and allow your lawn to continue to grow evenly. Be sure to spread the mixture across any areas that need to be leveled and use the rake to ensure that the the holes are leveled with the surface of the lawn. After you have finished that part, you should let it settle for a little while. If you want to you, you can dampened it, but be sure not to wet it entirely. After waiting several hours, you should repeat the leveling and spreading process with a topsoil that is high quality. It is advisable to invest a little with high quality topsoil you can find at your local nursery where you can get the best quality and match for your money and area.

Depending on the cost and amount of new sod required to complete your lawn-leveling tasks, you can expect to pay a professional several thousand dollars to do the repair. In addition, maintain proper lawn care practices by fertilizing at appropriate times andperform a soil test, if you feel your soil lacks the necessary nutrients. Even regularly mowing your turfgrass at too low a height can quickly lead to uneven lawn problems. You end up scalping the turfgrass with the mower blades, damaging the roots, which leads to potential death, root damage and opens the areas up to pests, diseases and loss of soil. Other sources of bumps can include buried objects such as wood debris from construction , people walking on lawns that are too soft , and animals. Animals, both wild and domestic, sometimes dig holes in lawns.

A homeowner needs this rake both in autumn and spring. A leveling rake lifts the sticky grass that remains after the winter snowfalls. Thus, the soil can be saturated with air and nutrients that are necessary for plant growth. Through this procedure, the roots of herbs can get everything they need.

One huge benefit to mowing the lawn short was that it helped us to more easily see the highs and lows in the lawn. It is one of the least invasive approaches to level mildly uneven surfaces. Using leveling rake will definitely improve the results. Before starting to level, it is essential to asses the severity of the issue.



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